Project Tracking


Automate firewall management

EO would like to have firewall management, especially for whitelists, to be automatically done. The existing system is poor and needs to be replaced.

Network management tool

EO and Nigelvh would like to have network management, both infrastructure and clients, be easily managed via a CLI/GUI that is compatible with linux and mac osx. It should be able to easily push a set of manually inputted ROS-Style commands to various filtered locations (all clients, all sector routers, etc). It needs to be secure while not violating part 97 rules. Commands sent to routers need to have the issuing control operator logged on the device.

Figure out anycast services off net

Case: use the same anycast IPs for services on MemHamWAN's network, like NTP server.

Contact FCC/ARRL

Tell them about our difficulties remotely administrating equipment without encryption.

Next actions

Decentralized VOIP - Nigel

Place Asterisk servers on Cell site servers. Investigate DUNDI to handle registrations across the anycasted servers. Investigate if DUNDI will solve electing a server for centralized functions like conferencing/voicemail.


Some day/maybe

Random brain dump from Bart of what's desired