RouterBoard Metal 9HPn

Table of contents

9HPn Components

  1. AR9283 2.4GHz TRX feeds this mixer
  2. used for splitter/combiner into 2 parallel amps
  3. <-- main RF port filter
  4. <-- final RF switch, with cheap prices:
  5. <- RX-side mixer switch near the AR9283
  6. <-- RX side up-converter
  7. Si4113-D-GM PLL LO freq = 1.545GHz
  8. RX-side switch, right next to the AR9283
  9. SKY65111-348LF RF amplifiers:

If the interface is disabled, it doesn't do RX mixing, you gotta put it at least into scan mode. LO freq stays fixed. RX of 929.7MHz gets up-converted via 1.545GHz LO to 2.4747GHz.