While PSDR's goal is to design a robust, scalable, service-agnostic network, we are often asked "what services does the network provide?" It is mostly left to the users of the network to provide application-level services. However, PSDR does support a few services in support of the network. Here is a best-effort list of network- and user-provided services.

Network-provided Services

Hosts providing anycast services

All hosts are currently providing services on both the legacy addresses (44.24.244.x and 44.24.245.x) and then new addresses (44.25.0.x and 44.25.1.x). Once infrastructure and user devices are updated, the legacy addresses will be removed.

DNS Recursive Resolvers (, .1)

DNS Auth (, .2)

RADIUS (, .3)


NTP (, .4)

Administrative Portal (, .5)

NOT IN SERVICE (was planned to be non-encrypted access to Administrative portal)

Encrypted Portal (, .6)

Encrypted (https) access to Administrative portal

VOIP (, .7)

Monitoring (, .8)

Future Possibilities

User-provided Services