List of Resellers

  2. (Be careful. They do not publish stock info and items are frequently out of stock. Also, been known to do bait & switch on shipping cost quotes.)
  4. (ships fast, responsive to email, accurate real-time stock numbers, a bit more expensive)
  7. (located in Lithuania, 5% surcharge for PayPal, 4% surcharge for CC)
  8. (AVOID these people. Everything looks overpriced.)
  10. (Really nice people, host
  11. (Will not ship if shipping address differs from billing address)
  12. Based in Tigard, OR.

General electronic components:

BANNED reseller list:

    • Deceptive stock on website, fraudulent invoices generated, unresponse to customer service. Booo!
    • Second independent interaction: Customer service replied that 14 units were in stock. Immediately after placing order, received an email stating that they actually had zero stock. Requested order cancelation. Later received transaction alert from credit card (order not canceled?).