Switched PDU

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http://denkovi.com Not contacted, does low voltage relay boards.

Potential Products

http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/CyberPower-CyberSwitch-Intelligent-Rackmount-PDU/2638886/product.html Contacted
http://www.servertech.com/products/switched-pdus/ Contacted
http://www.wti.com/p-185-nps-8hs16-3-network-power-switch-pdu-16a-240v-8iec-c13.aspx Contacted
http://www.digipower.com.tw/PDU/BravoPDUswitched.htm Contacted

New products all look to be out of the budget range. I hate to say it, but this might have to be a used component. APC AP7900 fits the bill, and is readily available on eBay for < $150. It is quite quirky though and SSH/HTTP access is not reliable. Only 1 session is supported. The best method of controlling this device seems to be through SNMPv3 in auth-mode only. The device can also take its whole config through an FTP/SCP upload of "config.ini". This file can be auto-generated by a larger network config manager system.


  1. 120VAC outlets, minimum of 6
  2. Networked with individual on/off/toggle socket controls


The APC AP7900 has a socket arrangement which will prevent power adapters from being used efficiently. This outlet adapter will fix that problem. Cost is $2/ea.

Here is an alternative adapter from Lowes that also works great with the spacing of the PDU outlets: http://www.lowes.com/pd_411133-43469-5508_1z0yt4x__?productId=3805421&pl=1&Ntt=splitter.

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