SSH Without Encryption

As of RouterOS v6.14, SSH with the None cipher is supported. This was a feature Mikrotik implemented specifically because of HamWAN's request.

The attached diff file can be applied against the specified version of OpenSSH so that an encryption-free ssh client (and server) can be built.

Apply the patch

cd openssh-6.6p1
patch -p1 < ../openssh-6.6p1-HamWAN.diff

Compile the rest of the package as usual, to your taste. Be sure to set "NoneEnabled yes" in ssh_config and/or sshd_config files, depending on where you would like to support the none cipher (client and/or server).

Use encryption-free SSH

# Do authentication using an encrypting cipher, and once authenticated, switch to the None cipher
ssh -o NoneSwitch=yes host

# Use the None cipher from the start, including during the authentication phase of SSH
ssh -c none host


Filename Size Modified
openssh-6.6p1-HamWAN.diff 12KiB 2016-08-06 14:46:40