List of Partners

Name Callsign Type of partnership
BCWARN N/A Similar amateur radio network in BC, Canada N/A Mesh/WRT based network in Seattle N/A D-Star 1.2GHz network in MN
Mount Baker ARC N/A Unknown
WWARA N/A Unknown
Federal Way ARC N/A Unknown
Puget Sound Repeater Group N/A Unknown
MicroHAMS N/A Unknown
WA DNR N/A Unknown
NW-MESH N/A Unknown
WetNet N/A Unknown
Intermountain Internet N/A Bandwidth aggregation
HamNET (Germany) Various Similar much larger network in Europe Various Similar much larger network in Spain
Puget Sound Energy Amateur Radio Group Various Local large network of FM repeaters
CEMNET N/A Government emergy communications network

List of local emergency organizations:


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