Sector Antenna - 120deg

Official Selection

Laird SAH58-120-16-WB

MIMO Option

Ubiquiti 5G-19-120


  1. Teletronics 15-704 - MIMO Sector Ant 5.8GHz 16dBi @ 120deg

    Pros Cons
    Expandable to cross-polarized MIMO operation F/B might be low
    Broadband allows frequency agility Pigtails might be needed?
  2. Laird SA4958-120-19-DP - 5GHz 19dBi MIMO Dual Pol Sector

    Pros Cons
    High gain Narrow vertical beamwidth (4 deg)
    Broadband Pigtails might be needed?
    High cost
  3. Laird SAH58-120-16-WB - 16dBi 120Deg 5.8GHz Wide Band HP

    Pros Cons
    Bottom connector will not require pigtails High cost
    >25dB F/B Not as broadband, 5.4-5.85GHz only
  4. ARC ARC-VS5818SD1 - 16dBi Dual Polarization Variable Beamwidth (60-120deg)

    Prox Cons
    Can use MIMO technology down the line without changing antennas Inconvenient location of RF ports, will need right angle adapter or jumper
    Cost-effective Unused port will need to be weather-proofed
    DISPROVED:Can simply change angle of radiation to add more sectors to a site Radiation patterns look too good to be true
    Really wide bandwidth Downtilt may shift if nuts/bolts loosen a bit, or if pressure is applied to antenna


Closely located sector antennas can interfere with each other. In order to reduce this, shields can be manufactured. For the Ubiquiti line of antennas, commercial shields are available at about $100/ea. [] We use WaveGuard Sector Shields for these Ubiquiti sectors now. Far cheaper than the RF Armor sector shields.