Radio Modem

2nd Generation (current)

Client and Sectors

2nd generation HamWAN sites use MIMO modems. A MIMO modem and dish at the client site may improve speeds, but the single-chain 1st generation modem is still 100% compatible.


RB912UAG-5HPnD-OUT datasheet. The RB912UAG-5HPnD (board only, otherwise identical) is also recommended when paired with a shielded outdoor housing, like the RF Elements SBX-S-CC-2SMA.

The HamWAN and Mikrotik standard for MIMO (dual polarity) systems is chain0 on horizontal and chain1 on vertical polarization. These instructions show the board layout with chain 0/1 clearly identified. When this board is mounted in a RF Elements metal case (above), care must be taken with getting the correct chain connected to vertical and horizontal antenna feeds. If using the Ubiquiti Antenna AM-5G19 5Ghz 19dBi 120-deg Dual-Pol Sector, the vertical connector is on the left and the horizontial is on the right. When viewing the RB912 radio component side, antenna connectors at the top, it has chain 0 on the left (J500) and chain 1 on the right (J502). You need to cross connect the internal jumpers to make proper connections to the antenna outside the box with the very short jumpers provided.



Warning: These don't support 5 or 10 MHz channels, which are required for sectors and clients! This is the highest power MIMO radio we've seen from Mikrotik. RB921UAGS-5SHPacD-NM datasheet.

1st Generation

Client, Sector, and Point-to-Point

Metal 5SHPn

Metal 5SHPn datasheet.